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  • Magdalyne Kanjejo

Why Representation Matters In Childrens' Content

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

I was scrolling through our Instagram DMs and I happened to open this message from a parent in our community.

My daughter loves Super Sema. Fantastic show and great representation for African kids. We hardly watch TV because there's not shows for her to watch with people like her in it.

This stopped me in my tracks. I know the feeling of being “othered.” As a darker-skinned girl growing up in Kenya, wanting to be a journalist, there wasn't anyone like me on screen. It took a huge toll on my self-esteem and how I showed up in the world.


Kids are inspired by what they see happening around them. The recognition children make through cartoons, movies, books, toys, and other resources plays a vital role in their development and shapes their perspectives. Kids learn to empathize, be kind and recognize the racial differences of others.

How is Super Sema addressing this?

  1. Super Sema exposes your kids to positive and diverse characters they can look up to as role models.

  2. Super Sema inspires your kids to embrace their individuality and passions as they watch Sema interact with her friends.

  3. The show encourages your kids to explore STEAM skills with curiosity, confidence, and creativity and inspires them to

  4. Prepares your kids to overcome challenges and obstacles without fear of failure. As they watch Sema fail but try again, it gives them a push to keep going even when things get tough.

  5. With an emphasis on soft skills, Super Sema supports your kids to be raised as inclusive, kind, and open-minded children.

What can you do next:

95% of child psychologists say that representation is crucial in a child’s formative years. Exposing kids to positive role models helps them engage in constructive actions like the person they look up to.

As Sema would say, “Let’s technovate!”

Talk soon,

Magda From The Super Sema team

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