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  • Magdalyne Kanjejo

💥 We found the SECRET screen time formula for our kids -- and we're going to share it with you!

We have a secret…did you know there is a way for your kids to get even MORE out of watching Super Sema? Have you tried sitting down to watch with them?

Hear us out: Studies have shown that active co-viewing with parents and children together helps kids get the most out of their screen time. They’re able to retain more information and process social-emotional learning, and it’s great family bonding time too!

The secret, according to the Child Mind Institute, is in active engagement. While or after watching, ask your child open-ended questions about what they think and feel, or how they would respond to the situation they’re seeing on screen.

Ready to try but unsure where to start? Don’t worry: We’ve put together a guide for you!

In a recent episode called Tobor The Movie, when Tobor’s film flops, Sema and friends help him recreate it into Dunia’s must-see hit. Bonus: It’s only 11 minutes long, and easy to squeeze in between chores or activities.

After you co-view the episode, try asking your kids these questions:

  • What was your favorite bit of the episode? Why? (Also share your favorite moment!)

  • I loved that Sema was so empathetic and kind to Tobor, even though his first movie wasn’t very good. If one of your friends/siblings shared an art project you didn’t like, what would you say or do? (Help guide them as needed, as they answer!)

  • If you could make a movie starring YOU, what would it be about? How would the story go? (Encourage them to expand the details -- and maybe even draw up a movie poster!)

Let us know how it goes and as always, keep on technovating!

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