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  • Magdalyne Kanjejo

The Content Kids Consume Matters…A Lot

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Habari Super Parents!

Did you know the content your kids consume influences their behavior, attitudes, interests, and education?

Meaningful kids' shows have the power to inspire action and to show these young minds what’s possible in this big and often overwhelming world of ours. One of the main goals of Super Sema is to empower this next generation to KNOW that anything is possible and gain the confidence to get out there and DO it.

Academy Award-winning actress Geena Davis, who is known for her advocacy of diverse representation in kids’ entertainment, has said “The motto of my institute has always been, “If they can see if, they can be it.’ And it’s really true. If we show something on-screen, it will change what happens in real life.”

We at Team Super Sema believe that when kids see themselves represented on the screen, they’ll gain confidence and feel empowered to turn their dreams into reality. With just one 11-minute episode, your kid will:

  • See the power of STEAM learning in action ✅

  • See an empowered girl hero ✅

  • Be exposed to a diverse cast and culture not often portrayed in kids’ media ✅

So next time Super Sema comes on, think about the wheels turning as your kids see other ordinary kids, just like them, changing the world. How powerful is that?

Be sure and tune in for new videos and episodes coming every Friday, only to the Super Sema YouTube channel and on the YouTube Kids app.

Keep on technovating!

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