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  • Magdalyne Kanjejo

Kickstart the Year With Intention

Hello Super Parents! Happy New Year! We hope it’s off to a fantastic start for each and every one of you!

Here at Team Super Sema we decided to start the year by introducing a Super Sema “Word of the Month” to help empower all of you busy, involved parents! Each month we will share research, reflections, activities, and tips to help you raise confident, happy, STEAM-smart kids with the power to change the world.

January is a month of new beginnings and our chance to set the pace for the year ahead. For us, that’s all about INTENTION, so we decided to make it our first word of the month!

Why does being intentional matter? Every time we go about something with intention, it changes the outcome for the better because we tend to be more clear and aware of the actions we are taking.

This week we are focusing on how you can help your kid become more intentional in their day-to-day tasks. In our episode, One More Level, a new gaming app takes Dunia by storm. But the app was designed by Tobor to distract the townsfolk while he builds a new, hyper-efficient city - a city that will lead to the destruction of Dunia. Sema sets out with the intention to save Dunia but gets caught up in the game too.

During or after the episode, try asking your kids these questions:

  • Mindfulness is a superpower! When you are mindful, your focus is on what’s happening in the present moment. In the episode, Sema starts out super intentional but then gets distracted by the game and loses sight of her intention. How does she manage to get back on track?

  • From this episode, what did you learn about the importance of staying focused on a task?

Here is a great resource on how you can help your kid to remain focused.

You can also try out this goal-setting activity with your kid: Identify something that you have wanted to do and make now the time to accomplish it with intention! Start by setting a goal for yourself, including steps and timelines. It could be drawing a picture of Sema, learning a new kind of math, or reading a book that's challenging for you. Write down your goals and how you plan to achieve them, one step at a time. Let us know how it goes and as always, keep on technovating!

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