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  • Magdalyne Kanjejo

💪🏾 If They Can See It, They Can Be It!

Did you know that the content your kids are exposed to has a direct impact on their confidence, self-esteem, and how they see themselves in the world?

We know it all too well at Super Sema. 

The limit to what kids believe they can achieve is often rooted in what they are exposed to and the content they consume. 

As a team of Moms, we always ask ourselves how to make our kids’ screen time count with content that is fun, culturally diverse, educational and inspiring.  

We created Super Sema as the first-ever African kid superhero who inspires children to be curious and create change in the world around them by using their own determination and STEAM skills.

When children see a hero like Sema, they see themselves as capable, innovative, and powerful.

This representation inspires them to be curious, courageous, confident, and proud of who they are.

This month is Space Month on YouTube Kids, and through our space videos, we want to inspire kids about the wonders of the universe, the importance of dreaming big, and the power of innovation and creativity.

Most importantly, they'll see role models who inspire confidence and self-belief, reinforcing the importance of loving themselves and believing in their abilities.

We’ll follow up soon with more fun, educational activities!Until then,

Stay Super

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