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  • Magdalyne Kanjejo

How To Increase Girls Confidence in STEAM skills

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Parents have often asked us, how can I increase my kid's confidence around STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts, and Math) subjects. The answer? There’s really not one way to do it. But here’s the good news, there are a few things you can start doing today to make sure that your kids are confident about STEAM. How can you do this?

Confidence is all about exposure and once kids are exposed they gain the courage and familiarity to face any forthcoming challenges without fear. The exposure can be through shows and books featuring positive role models who look and sound like them. Once they identify that someone who looks like them is taking action, it inspires them and makes them more trusting of themselves.

It really is true, that if you can see it, you can be it. Here’s how we can help!

“Super Sema,” our YouTube original series, features a STEAM-obsessed African superhero who will inspire your kids to “technovate,” and look within the power of their own minds to find solutions. The show will teach your kids how to examine the world’s most pressing problems, and stand up for themselves and what they believe in!

How can you get started?

Through the resources, we have available for you!

We also have a “technovator kit” ready, just in time for the holidays. Based on our holiday episode “Day of Dreams,” this kit has everything from educational (and fun!) videos to maker cards for STEAM activities. It has ideas and guides using materials you likely already have at home for simple but empowering entertainment. DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE KIT NOW

Exposing kids to positive role models helps them engage in constructive actions like the person they look up to. Watch our latest interview with Chaneil James, MSc. an Earth scientist turned Astrophysicist.

PS: We just released the first-ever Super Sema doll which is available now for sale on Amazon. It is a limited edition piece and the perfect holiday gift for your kid's technovating.

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