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  • Magdalyne Kanjejo

Boost Your Child's Confidence With This FREE Self-Love Activity Kit!

In a society that often prioritizes external validation and perfectionism it is essential for children to learn the importance of accepting and appreciating themselves just as they are.

As parents ourselves we face this challenge on a basis. That is why we have developed a Self Love Kit inspired by Super Sema, the African kid empowerment show developed by our award-winning team of women.

In todays age children are exposed to images and ideals through social media and entertainment. While technology offers learning opportunities it can also contribute to standards and a lack of self acceptance. As parents and creators we understand the need to counteract these influences and provide children with tools to cultivate a sense of self love.

Our kit includes simple, fun, and engaging activities that encourage kids to love and value themselves. What is included in your kit?

1. Screen Time of 20 Minutes

In a world saturated with screens we firmly believe in the power of screen time. Super Semas adventures encourage values such, as kindness, empathy and self assurance making it a valuable option, for your childs involvement.

2. Four Simple Activities to Try

These activities are created to assist children in discovering their qualities and developing a sense of self.

3. Four Affirmation Posters

Positive affirmations are a powerful way to instill confidence in children. Our kit includes four beautifully designed affirmation posters that can be displayed in your child's room, serving as daily reminders.

4. Empowering Music Playlist

Music has the ability to uplift and inspire. Our curated playlist is filled with empowering songs that encourage self-love and celebrate individuality. It's the perfect backdrop for the activities in the kit. Download the FREE KIt

You can download the FREE Kit here. Through our Self Love Kit, we hope your little one will be inspired to be the best versions of themselves.

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