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3 Simple Parenting Hacks To Raise More Intentional Children

Habari Super parents,

Being an intentional parent can seem like it takes so much time, self-awareness, and effort, but it doesn’t have to! That’s why all month we’ve focused on sharing simple hacks, tips, and tricks that you can implement into your daily routines! As we wrap up our month of intention, we wanted to share some of our favorites. Hopefully, they help you sneak in a few minutes of “me time” this weekend, while also making you feel like the Super parent you are!.

Encourage Self-Love

Intentionally help your kids build confidence in just three minutes a day with our new affirmations song. Just click the link on your connected TV, tablet, or phone and encourage your kids to repeat after Sema!

Make Bedtime Easier

We know that bedtime can be full of frustration. That’s why we love this super effective hack that makes bedtime faster and more enjoyable for your kids -- and starts to teach them independence too! 👍

Spark Your Kids’ Imagination & Creativity

Let your kids learn and create while you sneak in some “me time” with these simple DIY activities from our FREE RESOURCES page, including:

  • Fun and educational SUPER SEMA VIDEOSMAKER CARDS WITH STEAM ACTIVITIES based on the video episodes that are easy to do with materials you already have at home

  • COLORING PAGES that can easily be printed out

Enjoy your weekend and thanks for technovating with us!

Team Super Sema

P.S. -- We’d love to see your family’s favorite technovations inspired by Super Sema! Share with us on

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