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4 Easy Valentine's Day Family Activities!

Happy Valentine's Day! If you're busy but still want to celebrate with your family, we've got some easy and fun ideas for you!

Valentine's Day is all about love, and it's a great chance to express it to your family (and even yourself!) in fun and creative ways. Here are four simple activities you and your kids can do together to celebrate.  Watch Super Sema’s Valentine Compilation!

Spend some quality time with your kids watching the episodes and singing along to the songs that celebrate love, friendship and kindness.

 Spread the Love” Kindness Activity

This is a fun and easy game to get you thinking about one of the most important values that can help everyone get along and support each other – kindness. All you need is a bowl, some paper and voila! Have fun trying it out! DOWNLOAD HERE!

Celebrate Valentine's Day with Our Self-Love Affirmation Cards!

Self-love is key to confidence, which unlocks potential in academics, sports, and creativity. Empower your kids to achieve anything with confidence. Print out our affirmation cards and use this as an opportunity to bond and create special mantras as a family! 

Spread The Love With Music

Music is a powerful way to connect and bond with each other as a family and share the love! We hope you enjoy listening, dancing and celebrating the power of love with this Super Sema music playlist! 

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